Potty Whiz offers a highly customizable timer and alert system to help you stay on top of your child's potty training schedule. With this feature, you can:

Set Potty Training Intervals ⏰

The app allows you to set the duration of your child's potty training intervals, ranging from minutes to hours. Simply use the intuitive timer wheel to select the desired interval length, ensuring that reminders align with your child's unique needs and progress.

Choose Alert Types 🔔

Potty Whiz gives you the flexibility to choose between two types of alerts: 1. Sound 🔊: Select the sound icon to receive audible alerts when it's time for a potty break. This option is perfect for times when you need a clear, noticeable reminder. 2. Vibration đŸ“ŗ: Choose the vibration icon for discreet, silent reminders that won't disrupt your child's activities or sleep. This option is ideal for nighttime potty training or when you're in quiet environments.

Start and Stop Timers â–ļī¸âšī¸

Once you've set your preferred interval and alert type, simply tap the "Start" button to begin the potty training timer. The app will notify you when it's time for a potty break based on your chosen settings. If you need to pause or cancel the timer at any point, simply tap the "Cancel" button.

Customize Alert Sounds đŸŽļ

Potty Whiz allows you to choose from a variety of alert sounds to suit your preferences. Select a tone that your child responds well to, or opt for a fun, encouraging message to make potty training more engaging.

By customizing your potty training alerts and reminders, you can create a schedule that works best for your child and your family's lifestyle. Potty Whiz's flexible timer and alert system empowers you to stay consistent and supportive throughout your child's potty training journey, increasing the likelihood of success and reducing stress along the way. 🌟