Potty Whiz makes it simple to track your child's potty training progress by allowing you to log a variety of potty-related activities. The app comes with five base activities and also allows you to create custom activities tailored to your child's unique needs.

Base Activities 🚽

The app includes five essential potty training activities:

  1. Sat on Potty 🪑: Record when your child sits on the potty, even if they don't go.
  2. Went Potty 💧: Log successful potty visits, including both pee and poop.
  3. Accident 😅: Track any accidents that occur during the potty training process.
  4. Drank Fluid 🥛: Monitor your child's fluid intake to help identify patterns and adjust your potty training strategy.
  5. Dry ☀️: Celebrate your child's success by recording periods when they stay dry.

Custom Activities 🎨

In addition to the base activities, Potty Whiz allows you to create custom activities specific to your child's potty training journey. This feature enables you to track unique milestones, rewards, or any other relevant events that contribute to your child's progress.

Calendar View 📅

The app displays all logged activities in a convenient calendar view, making it easy to visualize your child's potty training progress over time. The calendar shows icons for each type of activity, allowing you to quickly identify patterns, successes, and areas for improvement.

Insights and Analysis 📊

By consistently logging your child's potty activities, you'll gain valuable insights into their potty training progress. Potty Whiz helps you identify trends, such as the most successful times of day for potty visits, the frequency of accidents, and the impact of fluid intake on potty training success. These insights can help you refine your potty training strategy and celebrate your child's achievements along the way.

With Potty Whiz's comprehensive activity logging features, you'll have a powerful tool to support your child's potty training journey. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to a data-driven approach that makes potty training more manageable and rewarding for both you and your little one. 🎉